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3 Things

An artistic exploration of couture through material, color, technique... distinct objects, yet alike.

Presented monthly for purchase online and first Tuesday, 1-7pm in the Ann Arbor salon.

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November 3, 2015 - Coq Feathers!

Mohair, cashmere and mousseline adorned with rooster feathers.

October 6, 2015 - Small Works to Plant

Installations for intimate spaces.

September 1, 2015 – 3 Garments, One Tea Towel and more Hemstitching

Garments with trim from a vintage linen towel include a dress neckline, a small jacket with facings, back insert and collar, and a shell.

2015  July - Hemstitching

An old-world finish on the straight grain begins with drawn threads pulled from the warp or weft of the fabric, then a series of stitches by hand. Worked on the dock at Muskoka, Canada and photographed in my garden.  

To see the finished blouse, skirt and dress, view Products, 3 Things

2015  June - Silk Floral Blouses

Printed silk tops constructed with 1 yard of fabric.  See details of each blouse, view 3 Things.

2014  March – Coq Feathers

2014  February – Ikats

Ikat is a textile technique.  Yarns are dyed in a determined manner prior to weaving cloth. Each garment is made with a fabric from a different country, all necklines have reversed facings.

2014  January – Felted Hats

Wool fleece is hand laid for each hat individually, adding color, or mixing fiber.  Pretty and warm, silk lined with a grosgrain ribbon stay for fit.  Other base colors in stock are available in beret style. Gray, camel, navy, red, pine or olive green, black and creamy white.

2013  December – Feather Scarves with Berries

Each piece has 3 vines of duck feathers, fiber and beadsWear as a necklace or in your hairSpecial order a variation in color or a different length.

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