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One-of-a-Kind Flowers

Handmade, one at a time, sewn – highly unlikely that two will be the same.

Cost is based on time spent and cost of materials.
Also complexity or the number of different elements or variation in the flower - it’s center, buds, leaves and filler elements.

Materials – 99% silks – taffeta, dupioni, chiffon, organza, mousseline, satin. Swarovski and Cubic Zirconia crystal, semi-precious beads and stone, shell, metal, feathers.

These are not ribbon flowers although in some instances a ribbon may be used as a leaf or filler.  The edge on sheer flowers is machine stitched by the artist and hand cut.  Glue is used rarely. 

Inspirations are real flowers, Dutch Still Life paintings, the work of Odilon Redon and more - always.  I include a “dark” element, as beauty has that aspect - Baudelaire.

I consider the value of aesthetics in our world as I make each one, asking
“Why do we need beauty?” 

The flowers are timeless but have different personalities to flatter varied faces, places and clothes.

They are  made on bias, are resilient, sturdy and secure. 

The little roses are called “Jean’s Jacket Roses” because they can be worn that easily and hold up well.
The flou, meaning to float, are the most ephemeral.

Useful as pins on the lapel or shoulder, on a dress or coat, on a hat or purse, in the hair, on a table.

ALL the flowers have a label or are signed with “Rebecca”.

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